Tutorial - "PAWS"

  • (Perseverance. Achievement. Work Ethic. Scholarship.)
    PAWS Tutorial Schedule
    Tutorials are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school day. The tutorial period is intended for intervention, make-up, re-teaching, and enrichment.

    P.A.W.S. CARD…
    • Have your P.A.W.S. card with you, folded neatly in the clear pocket of your student agenda. Be prepared to take your card out during class.
    • NO TAMPERING with your cards! You will receive an after school detention if you have at all altered your P.A.W.S. card.
    • Forgot your P.A.W.S card? Go to the Student Information Window to get a PINK P.A.W.S. card. First lost PAWS card will be documented. Any additional lost cards will result in detention. Write your name on the new PINK card.
    • If you have a stamp, you must attend that session in order of priority.
    • If you are NOT stamped to attend a tutorial, you will stay with your 5th period class.
    ON P.A.W.S. DAYS…
    • All students will be checked in with an “ATTENDED” stamp. This proves your whereabouts during tutorial. Without this stamp you are considered truant so MAKE SURE YOU GET STAMPED FOR EACH SESSION!!
    • You may not leave the room during a P.A.W.S. session to use the restroom, borrow a book from a teacher, ask someone a question, and so on, so plan accordingly.
    If you are not stamped, and are staying in 5th period or sent to the media center…
    • This is a supervised homework session, and you are expected to work quietly.
    • You may work on homework, study for tests, RYB or collaborate with peers for a class project. Academic dishonesty during study hall will not be tolerated and will be treated with the same consequences as during a regular class period.
    • If you are requested (stamped) you MUST ATTEND!
    • If more than one teacher requests you, you must attend the HIGHEST PRIORITY.
    • If you lose your P.A.W.S. card you will receive a detention, as well as lose your color priority.
    Students: If you do not have a stamp on your card, are tardy to your tutorial period, or are not where you are supposed to be, the principal may speak with you individually. Students are held accountable for their time and their education.