PATHFinder Program

  • PATHFinder ProgramDream Big is an FSD initiative to enhance personalized learning in the district.  One product of Dream Big is the PATHFinder program (Personal Actions To Happiness).  The goal of PATHFinder is to provide the tools and resources for 5th to 8th grade students to cultivate their passions and efficacy through personal, educational, and professional discovery, guided by a college/career pathway.

    PATHFinder at Nicolas takes place in Homeroom, twice weekly. Students participate in lessons through the Thrively online site.

    ThrivelyThrively allows students to learn more about themselves through the Thrively Strength Assessment. Students are able to reflect on their strengths via Journals in their Digital Portfolios. Students begin discover their purpose in life through focused exploration into Career Pathways, videos, or Activities matched to their unique strengths and interests. 

    In FSD's PATHFinder 7th Grade program, students will be led through a journey of skill development to help them become truly successful throughout their secondary school experience.

    In FSD's PATHFinder 8th Grade program, students will have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to prepare for and find a great fit college or university.