Art Pathways Program

  • Pathways Programs

    Ladera Vista School of the Arts offers students the opportunity to explore the arts through our many elective classes. Students interested in concentrating their studies in a specific area of the arts have the opportunity to select an Arts-based Pathway. In order to qualify for Pathway Honors, a student must complete at least six of their eight elective choices in a specific arts discipline, achieving a grade of B or higher in each class. An Arts Explorer Pathway is also offered, in which students explore eight different Arts-based Electives during the course of their two years at Ladera Vista.

    Arts Pathway Programs: Qualifying classes

    Arts Explorer: Students complete 8 different Arts-Based electives over two years.

    Applied Arts - Digital: Technology I and II, Yearbook, Digital Design, Animation, Publications/LVTV

    Performing Arts - Choral: Choir I & II or Armonía (formerly Advanced Women's Choir)

    Performing Arts - Dance: Dance I & II or Dance III (Dance Team)

    Performing Arts - Instrumental: Guitar, Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, Advanced Band or Jazz Band.

    Performing Arts - Theatre: Theatre I & II or Ladera Vista Productions (LVP)

    Visual Arts: Art I and II, Arts & Crafts, Ceramics and Adv Ceramics, Design, Digital Design, Glass Mosaics and Adv Glass Mosaics, Digital Design, Commercial Arts

    Triple Threat Program:

    The Triple Threat Program is designed for students serious about Musical Theater. To qualify for this program,  students audition as 7th graders and are admitted to leveled classes based on experience and ability. All Triple Threat students commit to Dance (as Physical Education), Choir, and Theater each semester.