Mission and Vision Statements

  • Mission Statement

    In a challenging and creative environment, our mission is to promote and advance the ideals of independent thinking for all students. 

    Through a curriculum that is inclusionary and diversified, and a learning environment that is welcoming to all students, we prepare our students for not just the next levels of education, but a lifetime of creative thinking.


    Vision Statement

    Golden Hill Gators “Dream Big!” More than anything we want our students to:

    D – Delight in learning through expert instruction in Common Core, the consistent utilization of best practices and academic achievement.

    R – Respect themselves, each other, staff, and other adults and be held accountable through the consistent implementation of positive behavior strategies.

    E – Engage in 21st century learning every day (communicating, collaborating, being creative, and thinking critically) including the use of technology.

    A – Applaud artistic accomplishments through the fine arts, including music, theatre, visual arts, and dance.

    M – Maximize their learning by working together with peers, staff, parents and the community.