Monthly Attendance Winners


Every month all classrooms have an opportunity to earn popsicles, a certificate and grade level banner to show that their class has had the best attendance in their grade level. The winners are shown below please help us congratulate:

K 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Aug. K4-Mrs. Prado Rm. 8- Ms. O’Toole Rm. 2 -Mrs. Boehm Rm. 7- Ms. Chavez Rm. 18 Mrs. Cat-Aurelio Rm.22-Ms. Chavez Rm.24-Mrs. Phillips
Sept.  K3-Mrs. Wasaznik Rm. 9-Mrs. Klausmeier Rm. 1 – Mrs. Rezvani  Rm. 7- Ms. Chavez  Room 19- Mrs. Byers  Rm.22-Ms. Chavez  Rm.24-Mrs. Phillips