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A Parent’s Guide to Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a computer program used at Valencia Park School to help students practice reading and increase comprehension.

First, your child will take the Star Reading Test to help determine their reading level. Your child will then choose a book at his or her own reading level from the school library or classroom. Teachers and librarians will help your child choose a book. When they are finished, students take a short quiz on the computer. Passing the quiz shows that the student understood what was read. Your child will be awarded points based on his or her score and the reading level of the book.

The student’s goal is to maintain an average score of 85% correct on quizzes while reading books at their reading level.

Teachers will monitor your child and will assign a goal of how many points your child should reach at the end of each trimester.

As with anything, your child can improve their reading and comprehension with practice. You can help by encouraging your child to read at home all year long.


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AR BookFinder

The following website is called AR BookFinder. Your student can find out if a book that was borrowed from the Fullerton Public Library, Hunt Branch Library, or even a book you have at home has an Accelerated Reader Quiz. Just click on the link and type in the title of the book to see if there is a quiz with book level and point information.

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