Welcome to the Fullerton School District Site
Welcome to the Fullerton School District Site
District WebMaster
Welcome to the Fullerton School District Site
Welcome to the Fullerton School District Site
District WebMaster
Welcome to the Fullerton School District Site
Welcome to the Fullerton School District Site
District WebMaster

TMS Status Page

System Status

Have a Technical Problem or Question?  Click Here to use the new TMS online Help Desk link to enter a request for help.

Need additional help with Google Apps, Haiku, or the MDM? Click on the following link for how-to guides on some of our commonly used systems. https://fsd.haikulearning.com/jay_mcphail/tmsimplementationguidelinesresource/cms_page/view

Operational – Fully Functional and running

Limited – Some connectivity, functions or features, or minor issues

Offline – Completely shutdown or non-operational

MDM – Status – Operational – See Below Google Status – Operational Zimbra Operational
PowerSchool Learning (formerly Haiku) – Status – Operational PowerSchool Operational Home Connectivity Operational
Go Math/HMH Player  Status Operational PowerSchool GradeBook Operational Illuminate Status – Operational
ConnectED Math – Status – Operational PowerTeacher Operational District Internet Connectivity Operational
Apple iOS Update Limited Illuminate GradebookStatus – Operational District Internet Connectivity Operational
Apple iTunes  Status – Operational

SBAC State Status Operational

System Alerts – Known Issues

Amazon Web Services – Status –Operational

Known Issues

February 28, 2017 

Update: (3:30 p.m.): Services have been restored. (2:10 p.m.): Services are beginning to come online again. You may still have intermittent issues with various apps and websites. Amazon Web Services is currently experiencing a widespread outage. Amazon Web Services serves as an online host for many websites and apps. A small example of some of the sites they host, that we use are LightSpeed, PowerSchool Learning (formerly Haiku), ExploreLearning, and HMH player. Unfortunately, this is out of our control and we are patiently waiting for Amazon to resolve the issue. For more details on their outage, you can check their status page by going to https://status.aws.amazon.com/

March 21st 8:00am

The website address for the MDM site has changed. Instead of going to next.lsmdm.com, please go to https://lsmdm.com and log with your username and password.

March 18th 11:45am

The MDM website is currently offline and unavailable. We have been notified by Lightspeed and they are working on resolving the issue.

Issue Resolved – 1:00pm

March 3rd 11:00am

You could be experiencing some issues logging into the Haiku Learning mobile app. More details to come…

Issue Resolved – 1:30pm

March 2nd 9:00am 

Lightspeed has identified an issue with downloading new app licenses from Apple.They are currently working to resolve the issue. This could affect your ability to add apps to your classroom iPads.

Issue Resolved – 1:00pm

February 1st 8:00am 

The storm that blew through yesterday knocked out power damaging a key switch. We’ve been working on replacing this am and you will see periodic outages until completely up


January 25th 9:00am

Issue Resolved: All Google emails sending/receiving should be fine.

Sending of Google Email may be restricted or rejected. We are looking into the problem.

Small Solution: You can use the Mail client on Macs to send email via Google, web browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari) will not work.

October 29th 2:20 – Resolved according to LightSpeed, although we are leaving the above status as Limited for now

October 29th 9:40 – Problems Again

October 28, 2015

Apple iTunes App Store issues. The Apple iTunes App Store is currently unavailable. You may notice problems while trying to install apps through the MDM to your student iPads.

September 17, 2015

iOS9 Software Update: Limited

As is the case with any new Apple iOS update, you may run into a few
system errors while trying to update you device to the new iOS. If you
decide to take the risk and update your student device to iOS 9, then we
recommend that you update your iPad at home on your home internet as the
process can be very lengthy and can cause huge issues if it’s interrupted
while updating. If you do not have the internet at home, please talk to
your teacher about updating it at school. Please do not forget to sign in
to the Home Internet Login icon before beginning the update at home. Also,
please make sure that iPad is charging during the software update process.
A low battery will cause the iPad to die mid-update and data will be lost.
If you decide to update your iPad and run into issues, please submit your
iPad to the onsite repair technician at your school site.

September 16, 2015

Illuminate – We are getting reports that Illuminate pages are slow and showing browser connection errors. This is most likely due to high usage with grades being due.

September 22, 2015

PowerTeacher Gradebook application – With the recent upgrade to PowerSchool 9, some users are experiencing difficulties launching the Gradebook application.  An updated version will need to be installed on your device if you are unable to launch Gradebook.  For more information please click here.

If you are running the most recent software versions and still experiencing trouble launching Gradebook, please contact your site technician or Trish or Beci for assistance.

If you have any questions relating to PowerSchool, PowerTeacher or the Gradebook application, please contact Trish Behlings at trish_behlings@fullertonsd.org or Beci Weed at beci_weed@fullertonsd.org.

August 31st, 2015

Apple TV’s:  We continue to have ongoing issues with Apple TV’s staying connected to the projecting device.  It works sometimes and not others and has many different variables involved.  We have adjusted our network to minimize connection issues and Apple has released a couple of updates but what was a sporadic issue is now more widespread.  Apple will be releasing a new version (and software) of Apple TV on September 9th which should help alleviate some of these issues but in the meantime the only way we can insure projection is to directly connect via a cable to your projector or TV.  This is not the best option, nor are we suggesting you continue it but it’s the only solution we know that actually works all the time.  If you need assistance with cabling or adapter please contact us.

August 31st, 2015

MDM Setup: Apple iTunes process has changed which affects the setup of our MDM (as many of you have experienced) Apple has rectified some of these issues but be aware that the final process of setup into the MDM can involve having to accept terms and conditions and Tokens multiple times. TMS staff has worked through most of these issues at the Jr. High and K-8 sites but still is occurring for the rest of you. Please continue to work with Sara Gearhart, IAT’s and techs at your sites. Again, Apple assures us there new release will remove these problems but…Remember you also have all iTunes usernames and passwords so in a pinch you can download apps using that old school method. Again not the best solution but a workable one for now at least on critical apps needed.

August 31st, 2015

Home internet connectivity:  Please make sure your kids at least have this link https://fsd.haikulearning.com/jay_mcphail/tmsimplementationguidelinesresource/cms_page/view/11064451 there are written instructions that can be printed and sent home as well as a video.  Most issues are lack of understanding but if you still have students unable to connect at home please send them this link http://www.fullertonsd.org/15232/#gsc.tab=0 our staff take the info submitted and call or email back parents to help get them connected.