Repeal of City of Fullerton Municipal Code Regarding Restrictions Imposed on Sex Offenders Regarding Residency and Location

Fullerton School District is aware of the repeal by the Fullerton City Council of City municipal codes regarding sex offender residency and other similar restrictions. The District Superintendent has been in discussion with and will continue to work with the Interim City Manager on the implications of this change in City code.

Meanwhile, please be aware that state law restrictions remain in place, including Penal Code section 3003.5 setting forth residency restrictions and prohibiting sex offenders from residing within 2,000 feet of any public or private school, or park where children regularly gather.

According to the Interim City Manager, there is no substantive change in the enforcement of the law. A full statement with additional information may be found on the City’s website:

The safety and security of our students remains our number one priority. If you need additional information regarding Fullerton School District’s safety procedures, please contact Susan Hume, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services at 714-447-7412.

For additional information regarding the change in the City of Fullerton’s municipal code, please contact the City at 714-738-6300.