Dear Acacia Families,

One of the raves about Acacia is our STEM program which through the generous donation from the Foundation provides all students K-6th the opportunity to experience Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through computer science. The Acacia STEM program utilizes Technology and Engineering through robotics (Ozobot, Lego Mindstorm EV3), Coding (Scratch, EV3) and the principles of coding to address skills in Science and Mathematics. Our credentialed teacher, Ms. Holy Victor, utilizes a curriculum in coding and robotics. Robotics enables students to build, program, and test their solutions based on real-life robotics technology. Through hands on learning, our students will understand forces and motion; graph and interpret rotation sensor data; develop robots capable of complex thinking using logical structures and sensor feedback; understand that complex systems are created from subsystems; and design, build and program fully functioning robots.

We are proud to provide an engaging and interactive way to expose our students to the demands they will face as 21st century learners. We are paving the way to assist them in applying mathematical reasoning as well as creativity and critical thinking that is often difficult to emulate in content areas. Moreover, communication and collaboration is also addressed as they work in teams to accomplish a common goal. According to www.code.org computer science drives job growth and innovation throughout our economy and society with 71% of new STEM jobs involving computing. Computing occupations will make up two-thirds of all projected new jobs in STEM fields, making computer science one of the most in-demand college degrees.  What better way to whet the appetite of our young Acacia minds?


Liz Leon